Discussing the Environment, 2000Haudenosaunee culture has many unique and interesting facets. Perhaps the most notable part of Haudenosaunee culture is the spirituality which is shared among the nations. This spirituality is seen through expressions of thanks for all we have and hope to have. Throughout every ceremony there is a respect for each living thing and thanks is given out of respect for all that has been received. In giving thanks the Haudenosaunee follow a cycle of ceremony holding rituals which follow the seasons.

Spirituality is a central part of the lives of the Haudenosaunee people but parallel to this is a respect for other religions. Unlike many religions which promote the recruitment of new followers, the Haudenosaunee have never tried to force their beliefs on anyone and allow for their own people to follow their own beliefs without criticism. The Great Law of Peace itself has built into it freedom of religion which is respected by all its followers.

An essential value which forms the foundation for much of the Haudenosaunee ways is the duty of preparing for the seventh generation. The nations of the Haudenosaunee believe that we borrow the earth from our children’s children and it is our duty to protect it and the culture for future generations. All decisions made now are made with the future generations who will inherit the earth in mind.