ARMS File 96, Pages 745-740. March 10, 1874 – Feb. 20, 1874.
The Supt. addressed the Council on attempting to preserve their Woods stop the people from selling to much of them and ruining their woods for their future generations. The Council decided that they would take action to preserve their Woods.

ARMS File 96, Pages 739-734. Feb. 20, 1874 – Jan. 15, 1874.
The Council heard from the New Credit Chippawas who asked for a new agreement or title for the land given by the Six Nations to them, but the Council declined and said that they should content themselves with what they have.

ARMS File 96, Pages 733-729. Jan. 15, 1874 – Jan. 8, 1874.
The Superintendent told the Council that parents or guardians of children in school at the States should obtain certificates from the Supt. or Teacher for them to remain on the pay list. He also said they should not send their children to school in the States when they have good opportunities at the school on the Reserve.

ARMS File 96, Pages 728-721. Jan. 6, 1874 – Dec. 12, 1873.
The Council arranged all of the responsibilities and duties of the Forest Bailiffs in their job to protect the Woods on the Reserves.

ARMS File 96, Pages 720-686. Nov. 11, 1873 – Oct. 23, 1873.
Pages 719 – 693 are the Pay List and census of the Six Nations for the Fall of 1873.
The Superintendent read a telegram from the Indian Department warning against the Council sending Deputations to Ottawa without permission from the Department.