The HCCC undertook several community and clan sessions during the Negotiaitons of the lands at Kanonhstaton and during those sessions the people of Six Nations spoke loudly about 4 main areas that were commonly shared by all clan families. Those four areas became the founding principles of negotiations for the HDI and helped build the model for justification for the treaty infringement by the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs.

We understand the land is invalueable and it is impossible to put a dollar figure to it since we have been swindled out of most of our treaty territory through years and years of colonial imposition and unilateral actions. HDI has done its best in creating a model that kept intact the spiritual connection to the lands while at the same time, attempting to provide a mechanism to assist the Chiefs Council in its consideration of the development projects that have entered in to the Haudenosaunee Engagement process.

The four areas were:

1. Land is priority; Environment, Spiritual beliefs, Language & Culture (all inclusive)

This is what we heard you say…

The wrongful taking of Haudenosaunee lands has diminished our ability to relate to the land as we have been instructed. Our relationship with land would be described in English as ‘sacred’ however this description does not properly address the depth and breadth of how important the land is to us. It is our mother. The use of her must be done in a way that does not impair her abilities to provide for the ‘coming faces’. 

Therefore, land must be priority in any settlement.

2. Compensation for Loss of Use

This is what we heard you say…

The infringement upon Haudenosaunee lands inhibited our ability to derive a sustainable benefit, financial or otherwise, as is required for the health and well being of the Haudenosaunee. This includes the ability to derive an economy as well as to hunt, farm, gather medicines, and simply have it available for our use as we see fit.

Therefore, financial compensation must address these principles.

3. Future Loss of Use

This is what we heard you say…

There should be compensation for the future loss of use of Haudenosaunee lands and would be an ongoing figure until the lands are no longer in use and the land can be returned to Haudenosaunee Six Nations in its original state.

Therefore, ongoing lease payments should be included in any settlement.

4. Non-Extinguishment of Rights to Land 

This is what we heard you say…

Haudenosaunee Six Nations interests and rights in Haudenosaunee lands WILL NOT be extinguished, surrendered, or relinquished in any manner or form.

Therefore, any settlement will be clearly documented that the land is still Haudenosaunee Land.

5. Addressing Ongoing Development

This is what we heard you say…

The community has seen that the Crown is able to expropriate land and stop development for its longer term planning as evidenced by a number of projects in Ontario, including the Pickering Airport Lands. Most recently we’ve seen the City of Brantford expropriate lands on the south side of Colborne Street for future joint development with Wilfred Laurier University. The community understands that the relationship between the Crown and the Haudenosaunee involves sacred agreements in which exchanges of solemn promises have been made. If land can be expropriated for Crown initiatives, then respect for the relationship between the Crown and the Haudenosaunee should compel the Crown to do the same for the Haudenosaunee. Crown says peaceful demonstrations are ‘direct action’ and that Haudenosaunee has no mechanism to deal with development; Haudenosaunee says development is direct action and Crown is trying to be “ judge, jury, prosecutor, and jailor” in this process, and Crown continues to ignore their own laws, as well as Haudenosaunee processes 

Therefore, Confederacy mandated Haudenosaunee Development Institute