The Haudenosaunee Widlife and Habitat Authority has negotiated a series of agreements to provide safe hunting areas for Haudenosaunee deer hunters.

While we have Treaty hunting rights all over southwestern Ontario, there are not many places where we can avoid coming into contact and potential conflict with other hunters and with landholders. At the same time, there are places where large deer populations are threatening the balance of natural ecosystems: the managers of those places welcome working with us to restore balance. We have had agreements with Parks Canada about Navy Island; Parks Ontario about Short Hills Provincial Park; the Hamilton Conservation Authority about the Dundas Valley; and the Royal Botanical Gardens about its arboretum. These are reciprocal agreements.

On our side, it means a commitment that our hunters will maintain high standards of safety, discipline and conservation. On the side of our partners, it means ensuring that the hunting environment will be safe and protected. This is not just about deer hunting. We are also becoming involved in addressing the threat of invasive species of several kinds, to restore the balance of our ecosystems. We are engaging in conversations with our partners about the impact of climate change. And, as important as the other achievements, we are building solid, respectful partnerships and working relationships with agencies and officials of other governments.