**Council met at Sour Springs due to Midwinter Ceremonies at Onondaga’s.

Firekeepers opened Council at 10:30 a.m.

All sides accepted the October 2016 minutes and December 10, 2016 Grand Council minutes.

All sides accepted the agenda for the day.

#1-H.D.I.-Aaron D. and Brian D. distributed a written report and provided an oral report. Priorities today are the communications document and the financial reports. A member of parliament has asked if he can attend a Council meeting at some point. They have a conference call every Wednesday at 2 p.m. with “Daisy Group,” who are assisting us with two areas (a) Government Relations-Engagement with Provincial and Federal Ministries (b) Exploring Financial opportunities (grants available). They are asking to meet with Chiefs and clanmothers. HDI also would like to confirm that “Ogwawhista dedwasnye” continue to operate payroll services (at least until March). Also we would like Council to confirm that Hazel continue as Director until Council determines other action/direction taken.