1. HDC report
  2. HERC report
  3. Onondaga report from meeting (titles)
  4. Reader seen what will help all 6 nations
    *sent to well to decide which to start with Mohawks/Senecas-start with HDC report

All sides agreed HDC Report

May 12th was given last council as go live date for cards. There were issues with hardware and software because they were sitting for so long since they were first sent to the territories. Batteries need to be changed. So the deadline has changed, some bugs were found in the system and right now we’re not sure when that will be taken care of and who’s end it is on. Also a transfer between registration and the main server at Six Nations has to be fixed.

Next course of action, been 10 years now and this delay could be 2-3 weeks or up to 60 calendar days which would move the go live date to July 12 tentatively.

  • are we gong to stay with Siemens/unify or explore 3 things? Cut ties with Siemens, litigation, or hold back the final payment of the master contract?
  • The HDC meeting felt they should keep going with Siemens because they are so close.
  • I.T. personnel is needed.